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Oscuro Tinto

Dark-roasted Guatemalan farm coffee, which is perfect for both filter coffee and espresso machine. The coffee has a good body, the right amount of acidity, and the taste includes exotic fruit, nuts, milk chocolate and yellow pepper. The coffee comes from perhaps the most beautiful region of Guatemala, in the high highlands on the edge of Lake Atitlá, which with its volcanoes offers breathtaking scenery and ideal growing conditions for coffee farming. All coffee is grown in the shade of trees called Chalúm. Roasting rate 4.5/5.

The farm: Finca Pampojilá (owner: Herrera family, founded in the mid-1800s)

Area: San Lucas Toliman, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

Variety: Bourbon

Processing: washed

Growth altitude 1500m-2100m

Roastery: Tinto Roastery

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