Kauppakatu 25, 80100 Joensuu, Finland
Service hours:
Mon - Fri 11 - 18
Sat 11 - 17
Sun and bank holidays closed
tel, 0505624132 (during opening hours)


We are a company specialising in coffee, tea and chocolate, located on the pedestrian street in Joensuu,
combining a fragrant delicacy shop, a cozy coffee bar and an online shop.
Welcome to get to know us and what we have to offer!



We sell only the highest quality speciality coffees that meet the most demanding quality standards.

We offer lighter, darker and extremely dark coffees, flavoured coffees, and pretty much every kind of coffee imaginable.
Some of them you couldn't even dream of.




Despite our name, tea is our largest product group by number.

The comprehensive range includes black, green, white and oolong teas, as well as the rarer Pu Erh and yellow teas. In addition, of course, various brews such as mate and rooibos form part of our regular range.




Mokkamaa is a chocolate lover's paradise!

A central part of the chocolate range is made up of a selection of Belgian chocolates, each one more delightful than the last, and numerous other confectionery boxes from Finnish manufacturers. There are also different flavours of chocolate bars, special diet chocolates, vegan chocolates, organic and raw chocolates.


Fragrant everyday happiness

Eastern Finland's largest supply of fresh speciality coffee, premium leaf tea
and the supply of handmade chocolate

Mokkamaa started with the idea of giving people a better everyday life.

Although much has changed, the basic idea of small, great pleasures in everyday life still holds true. The philosopher's hobby of tea has become an integral part of Joensuu's street scene and many people's mental landscape.

Story behind us

In our fragrant and warmly atmospheric shop you will find a selection of hundreds of products from coffee, chocolate and tea.

Coffees are always ground at the time of purchase, unless you prefer to take the beans whole. Freshness, quality, variety and atmosphere - that's what Mokkamaa is made of!


At the back of the shop is a small and atmospheric cabinet where you can enjoy the shop's offerings on the spot.

We always prepare coffees and teas to order, of the quality of your choice. The value for money could even be reasonably claimed to be the best in the world - if not the universe!


Kauppakatu 25, 80100 Joensuu, Finland

Service hours:

Mon - Fri 11 - 18, Sat 11 - 17

Tel. 050 562 4132 (during opening hours)
email: mokkamaa@mokkamaa.fi